Cixgen Global 

Cixgen Global is driven to bring you premium health supplements that enable you to keep you healthy and promote graceful aging.
We do this by carrying out research to bring you formulations that carry many benefits in simple and straight forward supplements. We take the science and we deliver it in the way you need: honest, reliable and natural supplements. We started off from Singapore and started to expand in Vietnam from 2019. During Covid-19, we managed to capture our audience through building our distributor channel. We are looking to grow our distributors and retail channels. In order to scale, we also have implemented Gengo, our ecommerce app, which can scale us not only locally in Vietnam, but also overseas.
We know what matters when you’re considering your health and wellbeing. That’s why we only use quality natural ingredients from all over the world including Vietnam. We import those ingredients into Vietnam and manufacture locally. We are serious about your health, try our supplements now!

We Believe

Our mission is to help people live better, longer lives by helping them take control of their health. By developing high quality supplements and exceptional customer service, we are committed to delivering the highest quality experience possible.