We do things a bit differently at Cixgen Global. We use rigorous scientific-research from Singapore & Vietnam to create balanced and Vietnam-made quality supplements with international ingredients that target your health in the way you need it. From supporting a healthy liver with “My Liver Detox” to protecting your immune system with “My Health Shield”, we’ve got the all-natural supplements you need.
We deliver quality, reliability and value at affordable prices. That’s what makes us Better.
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Benefits of Cixgen Global Supplements

My Mind Up

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We have over 5,000 satisfied customers and counting. Most of them are using our range of health supplements to improve their overall health. They would also recommend them to their family and friends

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We deliver 5 star satisfaction to thousands of customers

Cixgen Global Testimonials

“My Mind Up is amazing. Been eating it everyday and my mind is more focused at work and at home now. I have recommended to all my friends”

Sally Clarkson
Cixgen Global Testimonials

Thank you Cixgen Global for the supplements. I have been eating My Liver Detox with My Health Shield. I feel that I can breathe easier and I become less sick”

Lai Thai Duc
Cixgen Global Testimonials

I use the computer a lot due to my studies and work. My eyes will be dry and itchy after some time. With My Eyes Vision, my eyes became less itchy and not dry. I recommend this product!

Khúc Họa Mi

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Take care of your health and age slower with less pain when you take your daily supplements. We have done in depth research that counters the effects of increased pollution and lifestyle trends.